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Feb. 8th, 2009 | 07:40 pm

So for the past 3 days, I haven't really been able to keep any food down. Friday I went to work in the morning and started feeling really nauseated at work. They let me go home but I had 2 tables that kept adding people and decided to sit forever. Finally I was able to leave but I had to pull over in the parking lot on the way home to throw up, even though all i'd eaten that day was a couple pieces of celery dipped in ranch. After that, I ended up throwing up at least 12 times on friday, and I just didn't want to move, I felt so terrible. I tried to eat things like bread or sipping on some chx soup, but I'd just throw it up right afterwards... including the pepto bismol I took. That actually tasted pretty good coming up, hah Yesterday I felt a little better, but I called out of work just in case anyways, and I ate some toast and was OK, but I tried eating spaghetti Os and a few hours later I puked that up, sooo got someone to pick up my shift today, and finally ate a little.

Well anyways, I'm broke as fuck now from missing work, and getting my hours cut. Also, Harrison's still waiting to hear when he'll be deploying so I'm trying to wait to find out when that is before I go to Seattle. But as of right now I don't have enough money to go, but I'll be trying to work a lot and we'll see.

But yeah, I don't really feel like eating anymore, hopefully this will help me lose some weight, lol.

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